A lifetime spent on the tools

A mechanic's story

A Highly dedicated and correctly registered and Fully insured car mechanic 

With 30 years of Full-time self-employed experience in all makes of vehicles,

And with my last 12 years working full time here in Brittany

Car servicing and repairs, new Timing belts and water pumps,

Replacement Head gaskets, Rebuilds, 

Quality Used Car Sales, From 2400 euros to 7000 euros

Alternator and Starter motor replacement, Exhausts, suspension, brakes

Parts can typically be at least 50% less than local French Retail

Most Car parts are to order, 

Full Diagnostics coverage, For all systems on most makes of vehicle,

Full Annual car servicing ( average modern diesel ) 220€

Timing belt kit + w-pump + labour ( modern diesel ) 390€

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